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If your life is not working out in the way you had hoped, or you are struggling now more than ever before, or perhaps you would like to learn how to be more successful in the things you do and are interested in gaining new qualifications and helping others, and you are dedicated to making changes in your life, then we have the perfect programme for you.

Toby and Kate have created a new, cost effective way for you to study and become qualified in NLP and Life-Coaching, as part of a monthly membership, and they have called it The TRIBE.

Toby and Kate’s TRIBE is a membership organisation designed to provide you with study in NLP and Life-Coaching to Certified Practitioner level through the prestigious Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP). You will receive full and instant access to Toby and Kate’s online leaning hub that comes with an app so that you can study whenever and wherever you are. Toby and Kate also host weekly live training tutorials as well as monthly training days. They invite you as a member to a summer school which can be attended in the room or live streamed to TRIBE members.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got."

Henry Ford

What's coming up

From short training sessions to full conferences, see what you can get involved in and keep your learning journey moving.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any events scheduled, but keep checking back as there will be events shortly in the future.

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