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The Third Level In Certified NLP Training

Becoming a Certified NLP Trainer & Public Speaker

Are you ready to take your NLP journey to the next level and become a certified NLP Trainer? Building on the solid foundation laid by completing the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes, the NLP Trainers Training offers you the opportunity to not only deepen your understanding of NLP principles but also learn how to effectively teach and train others in this powerful methodology.

As an NLP Trainer, you will not only have the knowledge and expertise in NLP techniques but also the skills to effectively impart your knowledge to groups and audiences of any size. The programme focuses on honing your training abilities, enhancing your public speaking skills, and equipping you with the tools to engage and inspire your future students.

The skills you learn through Toby and Kate’s NLP Trainers Training programmes extend far beyond just teaching NLP to your audiences. These valuable skills are highly transferable and can significantly benefit you in various other fields and aspects of your life:

Becoming a Certified NLP Trainer & Public Speaker.

Becoming a certified NLP Trainer and Public Speaker can be beneficial for a variety of reasons:

Master Your Communication
They say, if you really want to understand something – teach it! And this is also true in NLP. Studying NLP all the way to the Trainer level will give you the greatest and most in-depth understanding of these profound change tools. 

Ignite Your Career
Propel your career to new heights by becoming a sought-after expert in NLP training and public speaking. Stand out in your field, unlock new opportunities, and position yourself as a leader in personal development, coaching, and communication.

Inspire Transformation
Having a stage as your platform helps you reach far more people with your profound coaching tools and message. Become a massive catalyst for positive change and help others unlock their full potential.
Boost Your Confidence
Conquer your fears, build unshakable confidence, and command the stage with authority as a skilled public speaker. Step into the spotlight with poise, charisma, and the power to inspire and influence others. Many of Toby and Kate McCartney’s students start with concerns and worries about speaking in front of others, and by the end of the programme they have found their style and flow and now speak with ease and passion.
Leverage Your Expertise
Adding training and speaking to your NLP coaching skill set can also monetise your expertise and turn your passion into a fulfilling and lucrative career. Create multiple streams of income, establish yourself as a thought leader, and make a meaningful impact while building a thriving business that you love.
Connect and Collaborate
Expand your network, forge valuable connections, and collaborate with like-minded individuals in the dynamic worlds of NLP and public speaking. Surround yourself with Toby and Kate’s supportive community of professionals committed to growth, success, and mutual empowerment.
​Sales and Influence
NLP training techniques can be instrumental in improving your sales and persuasion skills by teaching you how to build trust, create rapport, and influence others positively. These skills are beneficial for anyone in sales, marketing, or negotiation roles.


One of the unique aspects of the NLP Trainers Training with Toby and Kate is that new trainers will have the opportunity to study NLP training methodologies in-depth, participate in practical training exercises, and receive personalised feedback and guidance from experienced trainers. As part of the assessment process, NLP Trainers will also be required to take selected modules from Toby and Kate’s renowned “In the Room” NLP training courses, further enriching their knowledge and practical skills.

Becoming a certified NLP Trainer is not just about acquiring a teaching qualification; it’s about embodying the principles of NLP, mastering the art of communication, and inspiring transformation in others. If you’re passionate about sharing the gift of NLP with the world and making a positive impact through training, the NLP Trainers Training with Toby and Kate McCartney is the perfect next step in your NLP journey.

The Certified NLP Trainer And Public Speaking Course Is Split Into 5 Key Modules:


NLP Presentation Formats

Teach and coach simultaneously. You’ll learn the NLP 9 step process to delivering presentations and trainings. This module looks at the proven best way to deliver your knowledge so that all types of learners can engage with you in their preferred learning style.


Trainer States

We have all watched a presenter that clearly looks uncomfortable speaking. It creates discomfort for all. Even if what they are saying is good, interesting and correct, we become totally distracted by their pain and like them, just want it to end! This module teaches you how to find your trainer state so that everyone can become comfortable and learn with ease and fun.


Non-Verbal Communication

This is described by Toby and Kate McCartney as a trainer and speaker’s secret weapon. Some people have that ability to just walk into a room and own it. Without saying a word, they somehow have the room. Ever wondered how? The non-verbals have it. They are the unnoticed secret weapon of great successful communicators in boardrooms, meetings, families and especially on stage and in training rooms.


Assessments for NLP

In-the-room (or virtual) co-training with Kate McCartney and her clients. You will be expected to prepare NLP content with Kate and then deliver using the NLP presentation format to a live group of learners. There is also a 3-hour closed book exam to take to achieve certification at this level.


Public Speaking –The Speak UP Course

Unlock Your Speaking Potential with ‘Speak Up’ – this transformative public speaking course is offered to Toby and Kate McCartney’s Trainer students and is tailored for beginners looking to cultivate confidence and fluency on stage. Dive into the art of coaching and teaching through compelling storytelling and metaphors, alongside a syllabus utilised by professional speakers.

Led by renowned speaker Toby, a three-time TEDx speaker, and Kate, the coach behind his successes, this course offers an abundance of one-on-one coaching support. Discover professional techniques and insider tips in an easy-to-follow, fun, and creative learning structure. ‘Speak Up’ empowers speakers to vocalise the content vital to their personal brand, fostering a platform for growth and self-expression. Embrace your voice and step into the spotlight with the guidance and expertise of industry experts.“

Great story telling is the difference that makes the difference between good training and great training, therefore the Speak UP course is a must for Toby and Kate’s trainers.

How is the Trainers Training and Public Speaking Course Run?

The Trainers Training and Public Speaking Course seamlessly integrates online learning, personalised coaching, and practical live speaking engagements to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience. Prepare to unlock your full potential as an inspiring speaker and trainer with this specially curated program led by industry experts.

Part A

As soon as you book a place onto the NLP Trainers Training and Public Speakers course you will gain exclusive access to Toby and Kate’s online system featuring all the study modules and video training sessions. Each module offers professionally recorded video and audio tutorials, along with downloadable documents and study notes to kickstart the speaking and training journey.

Part B

Once you feel familiar with the online materials, you shall start your one-to-one coaching calls with your trainer to start to collaboratively design both your public speaking content and your trainers training assessment content.

Part C

Once you’ve learnt the material, been coached to create your own talk and presentation you go LIVE by you joining Toby and Kate at one of their live events in London or Turkey to train and speak.

Payment plans available.


The NLP Trainers Training qualification is an internationally recognised professional qualification in the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Certification comes from the internationally recognised Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP) and is registered and certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service.