Toby and Kate


About Us

Toby&Kate McCartney are husband and wife and have been working together for nearly 20 years in the field of NLP, Coaching and Business development and entrepreneurship. Toby&Kate have been attracting a massive ‘family’ of learners from all over the world over the years, all who have a seat (sometimes virtually) in Toby&Kate’s home and training room forever, whenever they wish to return to their chosen programme of study.

Toby&Kate are different from the rest… They don’t simply offer one-off courses and trainings – they offer a lifetime of personal and professional development when you sign up to take a course with them. The learning and connection with Toby&Kate never stops, and once you are in, you are welcome to return for free in the future.

Toby&Kate have an easy to follow, experiential and open learning and training style, and always offer one-to-one and group face-to-face facilitation, as well as providing learning resources (books, manuals, video and audio tutorials) to aid the learning experience. They often say that “people can be over-trained, and under practiced,” and so Toby and Kate provide forever weekly online and in the room practice sessions you are welcome to attend which help cement your learnings and guarantee your success of implementing your new learnings as they become part of your muscle memory and everyday behaviours.

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