Toby and Kate

NLP Master Practitioner

The second level in Certified NLP Training

The NLP Master Practitioner training with Toby and Kate McCartney will expose you to a deeper understanding of NLP principles and advanced techniques that will enhance your skills as a practitioner. You will learn cutting-edge strategies for creating lasting change and achieving personal and professional goals.

Advanced Techniques
You will learn advanced techniques in NLP encompassing a range of powerful tools and strategies that go beyond the foundational concepts taught in the NLP Practitioner training. These techniques are designed to facilitate deep transformation, facilitate lasting change, and help individuals reach their full potential.
Personal Growth
By enrolling in the NLP Master Practitioner training, you will have the opportunity to continue your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Toby and Kate McCartney will guide you through advanced exercises and processes that will help you address deep-seated beliefs, overcome barriers, and unlock your full potential.
​Professional Development
Building on the foundation of the NLP Practitioner training, the Master Practitioner course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to excel in various areas of your professional life. You will learn advanced communication techniques, leadership skills, and strategies for influencing others effectively.
Specialised Focus Areas
The NLP Master Practitioner training with Toby and Kate McCartney will allow you to delve into specialised focus areas within NLP, such as modeling excellence, advanced language patterns, and working with complex belief systems. This specialised knowledge will give you a competitive edge in your practice and set you apart as an expert in the field.
Mentorship and Support
Toby and Kate McCartney are renowned NLP trainers with a wealth of experience and expertise. By studying the NLP Master Practitioner training with them, you will receive personalised guidance, mentorship, and ongoing support to help you integrate advanced NLP concepts into your practice successfully. Their commitment to your growth and development will ensure that you achieve your goals and excel as an NLP Master Practitioner.
Clean Language Techniques
Clean Language is a powerful communication technique that focuses on using precise and neutral language to explore and clarify thoughts, emotions, and experiences. By asking clean questions that avoid introducing the coaches assumptions or biases, Clean Language helps individuals gain deeper insights into their own thinking processes and inner world.

Here are a few examples of Advanced Techniques in NLP that you may explore in a Master Practitioner training


Meta-programs are cognitive filters that shape our perception of the world and influence our behaviour. In the Advanced Techniques, you will learn how to identify and work with different meta-programs to understand people’s motivations, communication preferences, decision-making processes, and more. This knowledge can be invaluable in improving relationships, resolving conflicts, and enhancing communication effectiveness.

Advanced Timebase Therapy

Timebase Therapy is a powerful technique that involves working with a person’s internal representation of time to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and unresolved traumas from the past. In the Advanced Training, you will deepen your understanding of Timeline Therapy and learn advanced applications for facilitating emotional healing and creating positive shifts in behaviour.

​Modeling Excellence

Modeling is a core principle of NLP that involves studying and replicating the successful behaviour, strategies, and mindsets of high achievers. In the Master Practitioner training, you may delve deeper into the process of modeling excellence, learn advanced modeling techniques, and apply them to various areas of personal and professional development.

Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Sleight of Mouth patterns are persuasive language patterns that can be used to influence beliefs, challenge limiting beliefs, and create transformational conversations. Advanced Techniques in NLP may include a more in-depth exploration of Sleight of Mouth patterns and their applications in coaching, negotiation, and communication.

Advanced Submodalities

Submodalities refer to the fine distinctions we make within our sensory experiences, such as visual images, auditory sounds, and kinesthetic feelings. In the Master Practitioner training, you will learn advanced techniques for working with submodalities to change internal representations, reframe perceptions, and elicit powerful emotional responses for personal change and growth.

These are just a few examples of the Advanced Techniques in NLP that you may explore in a Master Practitioner training with experienced trainers like Toby and Kate McCartney. These techniques can be transformative, helping you deepen your NLP practice, unlock your potential, and make profound positive changes in your life and in those that you choose to work with and coach.


As soon as you book a place onto the NLP Master Practitioner Training with Toby and Kate McCartney you can continue your NLP learning… The NLP Master Practitioner course is made up of four ‘methods’ of learning;

Method One

Upon enrolling in the Master Practitioner Training Course, you will gain exclusive access to Toby and Kate’s online system featuring your Master Practitioner study materials. The materials are made up of professionally recorded video and audio tutorials, along with downloadable documents and study notes to take your learning to a much higher level.

Method Two

You will be invited to continue participating in the live interactive Practitioner level training sessions, and in addition attend monthly sessions at the master practitioner level.

Method Three

In addition to online learning, you will be invited to re-attend practical 2-day intensives led by Kate McCartney for a deeper understanding and enhancement of your skills. These summer and winter intensives take place in London and Edinburgh.


Throughout your course, you will receive ongoing support from Toby and Kate and connect with a community of like-minded individuals in their private Facebook group, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Method Five

When you dive into NLP at this level, you will be given access to all of Toby and Kate’s training resources. This will include the option to study your Masters during the Turkey Intensive. If attending a face-to-face training in person is not currently possible for you, Kate also takes 5 Master students each year on a virtual 1-2-1 basis. This is an ideal alternative for professionals who need a programme that fits entirely around their schedule (additional fees may apply).

Payment plans available.


The NLP Master Practitioner qualification is an internationally recognised professional qualification in the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Certification comes from the internationally recognised Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP) and is registered and certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service.